Mar 16, 2024

Ajax Equipment Lump Breaker Improves Handling for Feed Company

Powder Bulk Solids Staff | Aug 25, 2023

Ajax Equipment has supplied equine nutrition specialist Saracen Horse Feeds with a lump breaker for reducing the size of caked sugar beet pulp from big bags.

Saracen Horse Feeds has more than 200 years’ experience of supplying nutritional products and expertise, so they needed equipment to create a faster, easier process.

To determine the specification required, Ajax fed samples of the sugar beet through a test machine. The lump breaker used in tests and now in operation at Saracen Horse Feeds uses a combination of a profiled rotor and grille bars to break down the material to a predetermined suitable size. The spacing of grille bars in a lump breaker allows a maximum particle size to be set to meet the requirements of the process.

“From the initial conversations to completing the installation, Ajax understood our manufacturing brief and have delivered to expectation. As a premium horse feed manufacturer it is imperative that our stringent manufacturing processes are met at every stage of production and the new installation supports the use of complex ingredients designed to support the nutritional needs of horses and ponies,” said Joe Lydiate, senior operations manager, Saracen Horse Feeds.

Ajax’s lump breakers are an ideal choice for breaking down a wide range of materials including those for animal feed. They have been used for sugar, cassava root, dried Aloe Vera, set lime, mixed frozen food, polymer powders, unspecified active pharmaceutical ingredients, caked detergent powder, biomass char, mining residue, carbon fibre blocks, and more.

“Many materials become set in lumps when stored and require processing before they can be used. The adaptability of design and ease of operation make Ajax’s lump breakers an ideal choice for breaking down a wide range of materials including those for animal feed, chemical production and waste to energy processes,” said Eddie McGee, managing director at Ajax Equipment.

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