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RS Supports Modular Material Handling and Packaging Applications With Extensive IO

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23 Aug, 2023, 11:00 ET

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Modular machine concepts effectively address the efficiency and downtime demands challenging the material handling and packaging industry, and IO-Link devices offer one of the quickest, easiest, most affordable, and most accessible ways to achieve them.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- RS, a trading brand of RS Group plc (LSE: RS1), a global provider of industrial product and service solutions, offers a wide range of IO-Link solutions ideally suited for helping industrial automation customers in the material handling and packaging industry overcome pressing market challenges.

The material handling and packaging industry is currently contending with consumer and regulatory pressures to improve efficiency, reduce downtime, become more sustainable, and comply with evolving industry standards. These complex challenges will require numerous solutions, but one solution — modular machine concepts — effectively addresses both efficiency and downtime demands.

IO-Link devices offer one of the quickest, easiest, most affordable, and most accessible ways to achieve modularity.

Modular machine concepts make it quick and easy to retrofit machines, which allows users to support multiple processes, as well as scale production with the integration of new machines. One of the quickest, easiest, most affordable, and most accessible ways to leverage modular machine concepts is to employ devices compatible with the IO-Link communications protocol, which has exploded in popularity since it was standardized in 2006 and is currently the fastest-growing sensor and actuator interface in the world.

The IO-Link communications protocol is an open standard serial communications protocol that uses a simple, fieldbus-agnostic master/device architecture to enable bidirectional data exchange between compatible sensors and devices connected to an IO-Link master and operator interfaces including PLCs, HMIs, and cloud services.

IO-Link devices support modular machine concepts and interoperability, standardize and reduce device and equipment wiring requirements and costs, acquire and transmit actionable data, enable remote configuration and monitoring, simplify device replacement and equipment retrofits, and provide detailed diagnostics. When deployed in the material handling and packaging industry, IO-Link devices improve process efficiency, reduce equipment downtime, increase production, and empower users to make better, data-driven decisions.

The RS IO-Link portfolio offers solutions from industry-leading suppliers, including Banner Engineering, Phoenix Contact, and Norgren, and is backed by customer and technical support teams highly experienced in helping customers identify, procure, deploy, and maintain IO-Link products.

Banner Engineering's Q5X Series laser measurement sensors support plug-and-play modularity, exhibit exceptionally high excess gain, and reliably detect a wide range of objects —including extremely dark targets, black targets against black backgrounds, black targets against shiny metal backgrounds, clear and reflective targets, and multicolor targets — at a range of up to 5,000mm. They are easy to install, set up, and troubleshoot, which reduces installation costs; are equipped with IP67 form factors for robust, reliable performance and bright output indicators for real-time distance feedback, both of which help reduce equipment downtime; and support remote programming and monitoring with the addition of an optional remote sensor display, which can further improve process efficiency and uptime.

Phoenix Contact's Axioline E Series remote I/O system is designed to provide seamless and cost-effective communication between IO-Link sensors and actuators and higher-level control systems. It is also designed to support future IO-Link updates, which ensures compatibility and longevity for connected systems, and has a unique block design that enables decentralized automation without a control cabinet. Features include rugged diecast zinc housings with IP65 or IP67 protection, outstanding EMI resistance, an extended operating temperature range, robust mechanics, and strong resistance to environmental influences, common cooling and greasing agents, and welding beads — all of which contributes to minimizing downtime. The series also features tool-free M12 push-pull fast-connection technology with latching connection plugs, which takes 80% less time to cable than M12 screw connectors, saves up to two minutes per device, and provides positive feedback to ensure against assembly errors.

Norgren's 34D Series electronic pressure sensors are compatible with IO-Link and enable quick installation, simple setup, user-friendly operation, remote access and operation, accurate performance data capture and delivery, and advanced diagnostics for improved efficiency and reliability. They have compact and robust stainless steel form factors engineered for use in harsh-environment applications and angled displays for clear visibility and easy operation. They can handle pressures extending from vacuum up to 600 bar and are available in 18 variants with a range of mounting brackets, a flange adapter, and cables designed to support fast and flexible installations in a variety of automated systems.

To learn more about IO-Link, these products, and the benefits that they provide in material handling and packaging applications, please check out the new "Improving Material Handling and Packaging Modularity With IO-Link" RS Expert Advice article. For more information about the RS portfolio of IO-Link devices and other solutions for modernizing your material handling and packaging processes, please visit the links embedded here. For expert insights into and advice about material handling and packaging processes and IO-Link technology, please visit the RS Expert Advice Series links embedded here.

For assistance identifying, procuring, deploying, and maintaining IO-Link solutions that can help you overcome consumer and regulatory pressures and improve the modularity, efficiency, throughput, and uptime of your material handling and packaging equipment, please contact your local RS representative at 1.866.433.5722 or reach out to our technical product support team.

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